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laburnum :

The Alpine laburnum tree bark is a greenish gray, smooth and fissured with age, which can measure up to 8 m tall as wide. Often used as decoration wood, its fruits are, when to them, extremely deadly whose action is similar to nicotine.

La définition provient de Askorn.

cypress :

Cypresses are a genus of evergreen trees of the family Cupressaceae from warm temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. The number of species included in this kind of authors varies from 16 to 25 or more. Many species are grown as ornamental trees. The common cypress tree is a representative of Mediterranean flora, tree cemeteries, a symbol of mourning.

La définition provient de

cynoferox :

Les Cynoferox sont des humanoïdes à tête de chien. Leur espèce comprend plusieurs races pouvant se croiser : Cynoferox à tête de dogue, d'épagneul, de lévrier, de doberman, etc. Un peu plus grands que les humains, ils font en moyenne 75kg. Leur langage, très évolué, a des sonorités agressives et saccadées, semblables à des aboiements.

La définition provient de Rève de Dragon (par Denis Gerfaud).

Cyclops :

kind of giant that has only one eye in the middle of the forehead.

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

copper :

Metal reddish. Copper is one of the few metals that exist in the native state (native state, detached from other parts Mineral). This is also why it is the metal with the lowest market value Magdales'picture, and the first metal used in the history of the island.

La définition provient de Wikipedia Galahad adaptation.

ironstone :

This armor is available in several models. Used by the Romans, there is armor in three discs, the linothorax, breastplate bell etc. These breastplates were sometimes masterpiece of work, and could be very expensive. Their finishes allow the holder to make very large movements. <br> In Magdales'picture game, such protection has 15 points of protection.

La définition provient de Magdaletian Nomenclature.

breastplate :

Additional protection is in addition to bearing the armor. This protection makes the armor almost untouchable for absolute protection of its wearer.

La définition provient de Specific to the Magdales game dictionnary.

cucurbit :

Pot in which are placed the material to be distilled. It is this part of the still which is introduced into the furnace and which receives vapor and which direct them with a slope in the refrigerant pipe. Vapors, once cooled, circulate in a spiral tube plunged into cold water coil named, and return to the liquid state. A cover (or tent) is placed on the curcubite, also called "coucourde."

La définition provient de Alchemic's ABC.

cucurbita pepo :

The species Cucurbita pepo includes several varieties of squash and zucchini and pumpkin crop.

La définition provient de

crusible :

A crusible (or cup) pot refractory or metal for melting or calcining. The quality of the crucible is to be able to withstand higher temperatures for melting the alloy will deposit metallurgist without altering either pollute the molten metal temperatures. In some cases, the crucible brought to these very high temperatures must be strong enough to withstand being moved for casting parts (bronze foundry for example). There are also porcelain crucibles, primarily for mineralization in analytical chemistry.

La définition provient de

Chinese artichoke :

The artichoke is a plant of the family Lamiaceae cultivated for its edible tubers. The term also refers tubers eaten as a vegetable, although their use is quite confidential. This is one of the few vegetables from the family Lamiaceae, which also brings many culinary, medicinal and honey (mint, savory, lemon balm, etc.). Stachys affinis Bunge scientific name, family Lamiaceae, subfamily Lamioideae.

La définition provient de

fang :

name given to the teeth of an animal. extremely sharp teeth.

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

Kremanief's Cristal :

This is a very rare magic crystal blessed by the god Kremianef.

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

crypt :

chapel of a church, usually underground, where the relics or cadabre important people were placed.

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

crucible :

The word comes from the ancient crucible French: croiset = lamp, which comes from the Latin crucibulum. A small container is a crucible made ??of refractory material or metal, used in experiments for melting or calcining.

La définition provient de diverses sources.

crapaudine :

1) Species stone that was believed to be in the head toads and is the tooth of marine fish called wolf. It is false that the socket changes color and it sweats when approached the cup where there is poison. 2) Way to accommodate the pigeons is first to split them, and expand and flatten, so that lumpy was punles compare to toads. 3) Iron hollow pentre wherein the hinge of a door. 4) Wood receiving the pivot of a vertical shaft. 5) ... and many more ...

La définition provient de Own by Magdales Game (proof of diversity fraçaise language) dictionary.

pancakes :

But what is this strange thing? But who could find anything interesting in a pancake? It is flat, so that puts nothing above it did not taste great, plus it is simple to do ... Yet that has not eaten pancakes in her life and does not spend his time eating it? Without being a delicacy, with a layer of dough to spread-which-I-don't-give-not-the-name-for-not-make-pub or a mix sugar and lemon or whatever -I still, it's just ... good! In addition, through its mundane and innocuous appearance, the pancake is a dangerous course: how many influential people have made ??it through poison pancakes on Sunday evening? The number is much more frightening than that given by the authorities! But still, the pancake remains one of the most consumed food, it even has its own holiday (Candlemas) and its own fair (held each spring in a city changes each year, a symbol of peace for Magdales'picture).

La définition provient de Aerindur.

cutlass :

the long-bladed knife is used as a secondary weapon by archers when in melee or by infantry who do not have enough money to buy a sword. Anyone can wear this size weapon because it is light and handy.

La définition provient de Minigeek skull.

knife :

More manageable than the cutlass, the knife is less powerful because of the size of its blade, smaller, less inflicts deep wounds. As against this secondary weapon is recommended if you want to leave discrete task and nobody sees that you are an adventurer.

La définition provient de the skull of Minigeek.

crown-of-earth :

One of the common names of ground ivy, perennial with creeping stems on which are formed here and there rootlets plant. Leaves, opposite, long-stalked, heart-shaped, are embossed, widely serrated and hairy underneath. The flowers, of a beautiful green-violet, visible from May to September, are born in the axils of the upper leaves. The fruit is divided into 4 equal parts, is ovoid, brown and smooth. The plant is located in the woods, hedgerows and wet locations. The main components of this plant are a bitter principle, tannins, an essential oil, saponins and vitamin C. The plant has diuretic, antiseptic, digestive, expectorant and astringent. It is used to treat coughs, asthma, diarrhea, eczema and hay. If you want to know the face of your enemy, braid crown a few twigs and leaves wreath-Earth. Surround a yellow candle you turn on a Thursday night in the waning moon, and the image of your worst enemy will appear !!!!

La définition provient de summarized by Sira67.

marbled squash melonnette from Vendée :

This cucurbitacé from the Vendée (85) is a strange fusion between a squash and color of a sedimentary rock that is jasper. The squash itself is not excellent culinary speaking but can be emptied and dried to become as hard as stone. She became an excellent container and can be used for example as gourd or decorative object.

La définition provient de Askorn.

Albenga squash trunk :

Trompe d`Albenga moschata squash family Cucurbitaceae which it is a variety with very long runner fruits up to 1.5 m. The color of his skin varies from light green to tan and bright orange flesh has a taste of fresh hazelnut.

La définition provient de

crown :

valuable object held by a king or queen

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

buffalo horn punch :

It is a tradition among farmers raising buffalo (which are already not so common) to keep the horns of buffaloes when they die to make different tool handles, lamp bases, or for the more belligerent of punches like you are holding. These punches are very strong (more than the jaws of any normal man built anyway) and employees with sufficient force (which is often the case with so-called farmers) are very often deadly ...

La définition provient de Aerindur.

punch (tiger claw) :

This punch is easily recognizable: a deep cut shaped claw appears on the victim this time. Initially, the warriors attached on the back of their hand a tiger paw. But today, followers of scratch fist tiger have steel blades shaped tiger claws implanted in their second phalanx. They can take them out whenever they want, without pain through magic. This blow to the neck can be fatal.

La définition provient de diverses sources.

hazel :

Another name for hazel shrub or small tree of the family Betulaceae. It is a plant of the woods, hedges and gardens which gives a popular edible fruit, hazelnut. It has a soft wood. Flexible branches of hazel used to dowsers to detect the presence of water. Wood is easy to cut, flexible and resistant hazel was once used in basketry, cooperage, manufacturing rods and rails. Coal hazel was used in divination.

La définition provient de and summarized by Sira67.

petticoat :

Tunic common to men and women of all classes, short or long sleeves, it is placed immediately on the shirt. The tunic is cracked around the neck, shoulders and chest to facilitate the passage of the head (this is to be taken as women do to get their dresses). These slots, topped with buttonholes and buttons, then closed. Other slits from below were originally used to ensure freedom of movement of the legs, to run or ride a horse. Initially very simple, plain and clear color, bold coats and surcoats quickly become objects of ostentatious luxury, which allowed to show the fur price or satins employees to double rich.

La définition provient de Truffette.

elven chainmail :

You guessed it ... the object does not exist in the real world. Well this is the same model as the chain mail, better and lighter. Also, this item is very popular with magicians, and is no longer in production (or so it would lied to me!). To the fact it is very expensive. Elven chain mail protects a power of 22 points of protection.

La définition provient de Magdaletian Nomenclature.

chainmail :

Already in use among the Romans, it seems that chainmail was gradually abandoned, to re-emerge around the tenth century. In the eleventh century, the chainmail is worn next to the skin (see the Bayeux Tapestry), and its standard form come down to the knee, with ¾ sleeves. A mesh hood is attached. Gradually, it evolved to take the form of large halberd (see cons). Some do not have a hood, and stop at the neck. The hackle (chainmail hood) then it appears. Around 1275, the chainmail is shortened again to stop above the knee, but mesh stockings (often open rear, laced to the calf) protect the legs. From the thirteenth, many metal plates reinforce the protection of the mesh on sensitive body parts (metal strikes on the shins, ribs on espalles ... etc..) to result in plate armor, more effective against haquebutes and other weapons to powder, which are appearing on the battlefield ...

La définition provient de <a href=""> chainmail on</a>.

coat :

Sleeved tunic worn by all men and women, whatever their social status. It was worn between the shirt and surcoat in the Middle Ages. In the 16th century, it is still an undergarment but only women use. In the 17th century, it is divided into two different garments: body dress the upper body while the coat becomes the skirt. But from that time, only women from lower social classes use it.

La définition provient de <a href=""> coat </a>.

cotton :

Cotton is a natural fiber that surrounds the seeds of the "real" cotton (Gossypium sp.), A shrub of the Malvaceae family. This fiber is typically transformed into yarn which is woven to make fabrics. Cotton is the most important natural fibers produced worldwide. Since the nineteenth century, it is thanks to the progress of industrialization and agriculture, the first textile fiber in the world (nearly half of global consumption of textile fibers).

La définition provient de Wikipedia.

cothurne :

This thick-soled shoe was used by the tragic actors to increase their size. Another definition: Brodequin of antiquity which covered half of the leg and got tired in front.

La définition provient de Online dictionary Larousse.

Ranseur :

Polearm thin and long point center surrounded by two shorter side spikes. At the castle gate, soldiers sometimes wore corsèques ceremony. The shape of the Ranseur evokes a fleur de lis.

La définition provient deèque.

retort :

or retort. Round glass vessel with a curved beak down for distilling materials during operations work.

La définition provient de ABC of alchemy.

rope :

this rope is strong and reliable. It can be used to climb, whip, hanging, or even tie! Whisk because it is perfect for fair lacher the weapon stronger warriors, one good shot in the fingers!

La définition provient de tristan.

conversion :

Mental change of order, which can range from a simple modification of an opinion to the total transformation of personality.

controversy :

Debate about religious issues between two players who do not belong to the same religion.

La définition provient de Vivi31.

foreman :

On a construction site, the foreman directs and coordinates the work of various trades. It is against the master to determine the progress of work. It will therefore appeal as required masons, carpenters, stone masons, carpenters ...

La définition provient de Sira67.

constitution :

Represents the tenacity of character and physical immunology character. It also represents the resistance to pain and physical endurance.

conqueror :

person having conquered territory by force

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

cone :

Gastropod mollusk of the family of cone snails, conical shell open lengthwise, and some species are poisonous.

La définition provient de Encyclopedic dictionary of the French language.

apple cucumber :

A small soup to serve chilled appetizer ice.

La définition provient de

industrial fuel :

It smells bad, it's messy, certainly. But it's also what allows you to have the best returns, since this fuel is calling ... industrial, as the name suggests! Do not try to use it as firewood, or you will understand that die of cold may have been better than dying burned ... Can be very useful if you are sadistic: a beast or an enemy burns very easily if you arrange to suffisement approach to industrial fuel from him and set it on fire ...

La définition provient de Aerindur.

fuel (heating) :

A mixture of peat and wood, which gives off a horrible smell. By the way, it's that or die of cold, you choose!

La définition provient de Aerindur.

autumn crocus :

Colchicum autumnale, or Kill Dog Night Safran bluegrass. Of the Lily family, she leaves similar to those tulips and pink flowers. Its other aspect is extremely toxic. Know this and be on your guard !!!

La définition provient de dictionnary.

cap :

This ceremonial cap does not come off easily. Indeed, the caps were attached to the trappings of hair straps and son. And harnessed, they allowed women to wear very heavy headdresses, responsible for decorating.

La définition provient de Magdaletienne nomenclature..

Crosmos heart :

Amulette made ??of a hard material and red light, the door crosmos their heart points to improve their life

La définition provient de Naurumar.

pig :

The pig, also called domestic pig is an omnivorous mammal (he eats everything ^^) family of pigs, wild boar close (without defenses ...). He was raised by farmers for consumption of its meat. The pig usually looks like a pink roll on legs, but it can also be brown.

La définition provient de diverses sources.

coca :

That's not the name of a drink but that of a plant. Ingredient of ritual or medicinal, it is also very popular on the black market since it is the leaves that some white powder is extracted ...

La définition provient de Askorn.

clepsydra :

mini hourglass filled with a liquid indicating time of day

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

claymore :

A claymore is a broad and long sword with 2 hands easily recognizable that was used by the Highlanders (Scottish warriors). It measures about 1.35 meters long (1.05 meters and 30 centimeters blade handle). The handle is distinguished by two long branches often ending in a four-leaf clover.

La définition provient de Wiki is my friend.

Kartouf's key :

Key to the City of Kartouf, won by the orc Rrukh after a fierce battle against the leader of the Beasts who occupied the city. View roleplay topic for more details:

La définition provient de Tigrou_bis.

lemon tree :

shrub of the Rutaceae family, top three to five meters and growing in hot country. His wood is used woodworking

La définition provient de dictionary definition on internet.

lemon :

The lemon (Citrus limonum) is a shrub of 5 to 10 m high. White flower gives a small green fruit that becomes elongated dark green becoming paler to finish as bright yellow and grows. The fruit has a bright yellow smooth bark. The flesh is juicy and very acidic and rich in vitamin C. The yellow bark essential oil that contains among other substances limonene and citral is extracted.

La définition provient de Wikipedia.

white wax :

A beautiful white wax block that has potential. A melt for all works of art and candles of all kinds! In addition it is white; Therefore, the color of holiness.

cinquedea :

The cinquedea is a weapon of Italian descent whose name comes from the width of the "five fingers" of the blade at its base. Very well balanced, the blade is a formidable thrusting weapon. The scope cinquedea was generally horizontally in the back, both by the nobles, so richly decorated and ornate, as the swordsmen and assassins for its efficiency and ability to hide.

La définition provient de

stained hemlock :

Plant whose stems often exceed one meter in height and growing mass on the roadside , in the rubble and adjacent houses . This is a very poisonous plant which must be recognized . It is distinguished from other plants that like him , for its leaves rather a dark green, with stems dotted with purple , especially in their lower spots, and its umbrella whose principal rays are at their base of small leaflets overturned on out. Hemlock contains several toxic alkaloids , especially coniine (up ? 3.5 %) and coniceine , whose action is similar to that of nicotine. Known to be poisonous , hemlock causes nervous and respiratory disorders that can lead to death by paralysis of the diaphragm . The toxicity of the plant varies according to the relevant part (the root is less toxic than the stem and leaves), season ( fruits are particularly toxic just before maturity) , and the place where it grows ( hemlock is more virulent in south that in north ) . The lethal amount of hemlock for a man is 6 grams. Hemlock has sometimes been used as an analgesic, antispasmodic and aphrodisiac . Externally, they were made into poultices sedatives , especially for cancerous pain. Hemlock was also part of the substances used in the composition of the "anointing " to get the witches to the S?abbath.

La définition provient de, and reviewed by Sira67.

Gardens chrysanthemum :

Glebionis coronaria, chrysanthemum crowns, or Chrysanthemum, Mediterranean species with large flower head is completely yellow or white ligules stained yellow at the base.

La définition provient de

kohlrabi Superschmelz :

Kohlrabi is a variety of cabbage grown as a potherb and eaten as a vegetable. The ball formed by the rod is a bulbous vegetable with a little taste of turnip. It is eaten raw or cooked. Variety Superschmelz (word of Germanic origin, meaning superfondant) is the largest of all varieties of kohlrabi. Its color ranges from white to light green and can weigh up to 8 kg per piece.

La définition provient de Various source and Sira67.

red cabbage :

Brassica oleracea var . capitata f . rubra [1] ) is a form of cabbage - mostly purple - with culinary and various chemical properties . The leaf color can vary depending on soil acidity due to acid-base properties of molecules family anthocyanins entering components of red cabbage. Grown on acid soils , red cabbage takes a rather reddish hue while on basic land , red cabbage is sometimes blue. This property is exploited to make the red cabbage juice a natural pH indicator dye . Cooked , red cabbage normally turn blue . To maintain red color you can sprinkle vinegar or with naturally acidic juice. Red cabbage needs well fertilized soil and sufficient moisture to grow . This is a seasonal plant that is planted in spring and harvested in the fall. Red cabbage lasts longer than other varieties of cabbage.

La définition provient de wikipedia.

sea ??kale :

cabbage that grows in water

cabbage Saint-Saëns :

Cabbage (Brassica oleracea) is an edible plant of the Brassicaceae family from south-west Europe. This is a biennial cruciferous whose leaves form a compact head or "apple". Culture as a vegetable dates back to ancient times, from wild forms from southern Europe.

La définition provient de

Romanesco broccoli cabbage :

The Romanesco broccoli looks like its green apple and cauliflower by its compact form, but consists of a set of "florets" pyramid arranged in spiral wreaths. Its geometric shape (called fractal) is very special and decorative. The arrangement of flower buds in regular spiral illustrates the laws of phyllotaxis.

La définition provient de

branching Daubenton cabbage :

or perpetual cabbage Daubenton (lat. Brassica oleracea) of the mustard family. This is undoubtedly one of the hardiest cabbage: it produces a multitude of suckers that are consumed in the manner of asparagus. The more you cut, the more it grows! Plantation located in a good soil can last several years (5-7 years), requiring only regular watering and size from time to time, if only to raise suckers.

La définition provient de

chimera :

hybrid beings. two or more beings were merged together and have shaped a chimera

La définition provient de Specific to the Magdales game dictionnary.

wild dog :

animal called "dog" that lives in freedom

domestic dog :

domestic carnivorous mammal, canine, used for pleasure, hunting, home protection, etc.

La définition provient de

chicory bruxelle :

Brussels Chicory is often mistakenly called chicory. It was obtained by a Belgian farmer who was picking chicory coffee. It can be eaten raw in salads or cooked as a vegetable.

La définition provient de

White chicory from Chioggia :

Leaved together in 2 different species, many cultivars (varieties obtained by selection in successive crops) are the best known industrial chicory, endive or chicory, wild chicory improved type red, green or variegated and curled and escarole. Chioggia chicory, of Italian origin (from the Veneto region), has leaves slightly firm white shaft and red rim. They are very decorative and provide a crisp and sweet note.

La définition provient de

asparagus chicory :

Les feuilles de cette belle verdure aux contours dentelés ont des pétioles et des nervures rouges contrastants. Elles se mangent crues en salade(très jeunes), cuites à l'étouffée, en gratin, braisées : goût amer et rafraîchissant.

La définition provient de

horse :

Furry mammal of the family Equidae, which over time has been domesticated by humans as a mount or pull chariots.

La définition provient de and

chervis :

It is a herbaceous perennial, very hardy, stem branched, grooved, erect, which can reach 1,5 m high. Tuberous roots in time, fasciculate are swollen, fleshy, greyish-white externally. They have white flesh and often the fiber core. The leaves are toothed leaflets pinnatisect to dark green, glossy. They look like those of parsnips. The flowers are white, are grouped in umbels. Roots, which taste sweet and slightly mealy reminiscent of parsnips are eaten cooked, accommodated like salsify. Seedlings, etiolated like the beards Capuchin can be eaten raw in salads.

La définition provient de Wikipedia.

coarse shirt :

A cotton shirt, made in quantity at the expense of quality. This is the kind of Thermal Clothing that can be recovered from the corpse of a goblin who would loot a farm.

La définition provient de Magdaletienne nomenclature..

fine shirt :

A much better shirt than the coarse shirt. Woven from lain, or distant stuff, fine shirt following fashion. The colors, the shape, size depends only on the goùt of one who bears.

La définition provient de Magdaletienne nomenclature..

shirt of fine woolen cloth :

Simple and elegant, this jacket is suitable for one and all. As the name suggests, it is finer than the coarse and warmer than the thin shirt (for wool) shirt. Provides minimal protection to the person who wears it. Often very large, it can conceal small weapons.

La définition provient de diverses sources.

chayote :

Vine of the family Cucurbitaceae perennial plant grown in the tropics as a vegetable for its edible fruit when ripe, the taste and texture similar to those of zucchini.

La définition provient de Wikipedia.

fine shoes :

The shoes were often crudely sewn into the cowhide. Conversely, fine shoes are delicately made ??with pieces of finest leathers and makes the shape of the foot. Often, pieces of cloth were added, both for aesthetics and to allow the foot to breathe.

La définition provient de Magdaletienne nomenclature..

slippers :

These are not the slippers that are used while watching TV ... (or to go to a maintained as did keke.) <br> The slippers are more comfortable breeches and hotter than shoes. They are used to pray in unheated monasteries.

La définition provient de Magdaletian Nomenclature.

breeches :

Breeches are the most worn by villagers shoes. The floor is often coarse, but allows you to practice all terrain (mud, tiles, etc.).

La définition provient de Magdaletienne nomenclature..

wild cat :

The Wildcat is a small carnivorous predator living in Europe in Asia Western and Africa. In their natural environment, wild cats adapt to many habitats: savannah the forest and steppe. They avoid the rainforests and deserts. They hunt small mammals of fowl and other creatures of neighboring sizes. There are several subspecies wildcat like African wild cat (Felis silvestris lybica) or the European wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris).

La définition provient de fr.wikip&eacute;

domestic cat :

A purring ball of fur. It is still the most suitable to describe a domestic cat. But beware, it has become much more social than his colleague wild, domestic cats are nevertheless a formidable fighter with retractable claws and teeth sharpened. Do not provoke it lightly!

La définition provient de Aerindur.

chasuble :

Vestment shaped coat worn over the clothe that appears in the Merovingian period . The chasuble is so called because the garment compared to a small house in which the person was completely locked ( casula ) . The mosaics of the chasuble have always the appearance of a woolen garment . The cap , which they have sometimes fitted , is tiny and always put between the shoulders. In the twelfth century , the chasuble was double as a solid wheel, or notched cone , which allowed out celebrating his forearms without having to take over a large amount of stuff . Although it is from the eleventh century the mention of chasuble on which were embroidered religious subjects , most often they were cut in the same fabrics that were used for adornment of the laity. Many churches have specimens of this garment, which consists of the stuff Paile Alexandria in siglaton and other Levantine fabrics, decorated with fantastic figures or symbols that are completely foreign to the Christian imagery . Almost always the chasuble is decorated with a clave in front and from behind. In the thirteenth century , the priestly mantle cutting remained what it was in the previous century , that is to say that we live simultaneously wear chasuble way bell on planet, and the chasuble indented half on sides.

La définition provient de according to <a href=" - moines - habit2 - liturgie.html"> chasuble on </a>.

hunter :

Unable to own animals at home, the hunter decided to take those of others. Armed with a bow or traps, the hunter will walk in the forest in order to capture dead or live animals he sold as raw material: meat, fur, skin, claw ...

La définition provient de Sira67.

carpenter :

People often Husky manufactures building structures and wooden roofs. If you see a carpenter avoid telling him that he has a mote in the eye, for it may well put a plank in your own!

La définition provient de Sira67.

spell of personal care :

This object is a beauty scarf, when somebody puts it around his neck he suddenly several points of charisma and leadership and more. This object is very expensive and is for sale at trade touute cities.

Charisma :

Represents sociability and feel of the player against other characters in the game. Charisma is useful for conversion and bargaining

charisma :

Quality of a person who has the gift to please, to prevail in public life.

La définition provient de Tuthur.

thistle :

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a plant of the family Asteraceae (or Compositae), only known representative of the genus Silybum (Some authors, however, mention a second species, Silybum eburneum). It is easily recognizable by its pale green leaves and spiny bright marbled white. He particularly likes dry soil and sunny, often acidic soil. Very common in the Mediterranean, it is virtually absent north of the Loire (except the Atlantic coast) and in principle does not live after 700 meters altitude.

La définition provient de

charcoal :

Black solid fuel, from wood combustion at high temperature (just under 400 ° C) and containing large amounts of carbon (hence its name).

La définition provient de Aerindur.

burning coal (magic) :

Many musicians have tried to master basic magic (fire, water, air and land). For those who engage in the path of fire magic, their first project is usually the kind of hot coal that you are holding in mains.En Indeed, it is quite easy to increase the temperature of a coal for to glow. When magicians "arsonists" (so dubbed by critics) reach a somewhat higher level, they get to keep the heat in the heart of coal for long hours, and that can then serve as a basis for many spells from the ignition of fire until the projection of a fiery ball ...

La définition provient de Aerindur.

red hat :

A red hat is a small cap that sometimes goblins doors on them.

La définition provient de Malieca.

fedora :

Old fashionned, felt hat is the hat of the man who succeeded. Needless otherwise this hat offers protection against the sun, rain and splashes of blood. Also benefited from a bonus charisma of the wearer.

La définition provient de Magdaletienne nomenclature..

screed :

Vestment used outside of Mass, sometimes by lay cantors. The cap is usually decorated like jumpers.

La définition provient de <a href=""> screed on</a>.

hemp :

Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.), also known as cannabis, is an annual plant of the family Cannabaceae. The Cannabis sativa L. species was subdivided into several subspecies. [1] This division is discussed by botanists: some do not consider the differences between subspecies are sufficiently stable and significant to justify it.

La définition provient de Wikipedia.

wooden chair :

Wooden seat with a back and usually without arms.

La définition provient de Alaliam.

shirt :

shirt embroidered linen, sometimes pleated, open bottom for easy riding

La définition provient de <a href=""> chainse </a>.

metal chain :

This metal chain, is first of all a bauble, and if it is been used as jewelry, it often has more sentimental value than anything else.

La définition provient de Galahad.

chacranne :

Weapon in star-shaped cutting blade. This weapon is used for ranged combat it was used by warriors as a throwing weapon.

La définition provient de Specific to the Magdales game dictionnary.

goosefoot Bon-Henri :

Wild mountain spinach. Leaf Goosefoot Bon-Henri are iron arrows shaped and can be eaten in salads or in vegetable cooking . Herbalists have discovered it's emollient and laxative properties. They also use folded in poultices to treat boils and abscesses leaves.

La définition provient de various sources coordinated by Sira67.

cherry tree :

a cherry tree is a tree whose fruit is the cherry. Cherry fruit is a small red or white with a core in the middle spring cherry white flowers made

cherry :

The cherry is the edible fruit of the cherry tree. That is, after the strawberry, the most popular red berries. The cherry is a small fleshy fruit core, spherical shape, usually red or darker in color, more rarely yellow. The cherry tree can be found into city or at it subburb.

La définition provient de wikip&eacute;dia et aurian.

chervil :

Biennial developing the second year a flower stalk 1.5 to 2 m high. White flowers, grouped in small compound umbels. Very finely divided sheets. Taproot conical fleshy sized short core, external gray color, white flesh.

La définition provient de

cavern :

shallow underground lair

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

horseman :

name given to the editor of horses

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

cathedral :

building built for religious

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

blackcurrant :

shrub-like gooseberries, whose black fruits, arranged in clusters are used to make a liqueur known digestive properties

La définition provient de dictionary definition on internet.

jupiterian helmet :

Plant currently known as the Aconite Napel. It is found in meadows and moist woods smoked by livestock, especially in the mountains. Its name in French is derived from the Latin word of Greek origin meaning "poison." The flowers are shaped helmet or cap, hence its former name of "helmet of Jupiter." In Europe and Asia in ancient times, aconite was used to poison the water supply of the enemy in time of war. In addition, hunters used its juice to poison lances, arrowheads and bait their traps. In ancient Greece, the legend told that the plant was born out of the slime (yuck!) Dripping fangs of Cerberus, the three-headed dog of Hades Hercules had brought. In the Middle Ages, aconite was associated with witchcraft. The plant contains several toxic alkaloids (aconitine mainly napelline, NeoLine, néopelline, aconine ...). The root is rich. The aconitine is fatal to humans in doses of 5 mg, which is 2-4 g racine.l'empoisonnement is very fast. The first symptoms appear a few minutes after ingestion: burning sensation, tingling and numbness of the mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, dizziness, blurred vision, mydriasis, weakness and loss of hearing and vision, weakness and irregular breathing, convulsions cramps, muscle paralysis, unconsciousness, arrhythmias, bradycardia, collapse, paralysis, and cardiac arrest in diastole. Death occurs in 1/2 h 3/4 hours after ingestion, the patient remains conscious almost to death. Medical aconitine is used for its analgesic properties and anticongestive sudorific, antirheumatic. The napelline demorphinisante is, it is used in cures demorphinisation. It is used in facial neuralgia, sciatica, ophthalmic herpes zoster, neuralgia dental and ulcers.

La définition provient de and summarized by Sira67.

conical helmet :

The conical helmet is the one that everyone knows how to draw. Head-shaped shell, it protects the top of the head and a little face (nose sometimes.) In <br> In the Magdales Game, this helmet protects 4 points of protection.

cartography :

Science responsible for implementing and studying maps. Since ancient times, even before the invention of writing, found on clay tablets, maps representing the world view of the author. If the earliest known maps were found in Mesopotamia, the Greeks brought a lot to the art of ancient cartography; and Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes and Anaxagoras, Pythagoras, Eratosthenes, Ptolemy. In the Middle Ages, Western science cartograhique not made ??great progress. From the 16th century, mapping progresses more and more by the development of new technology and political will. Utilities mapping are numerous. Of course, first, it helps to locate in space and find the shortest route between two points, taking into account not only the distance but also the terrain and natural obstacles (mountain, river, forest. ..) All data are useful in many other professions, the military who will try to find the best place to fight a battle or an ambush, the trader who seek to buy and sell at the lowest cost, the contractor will seek to have its tanks first near its place of production materials, the policy will seek to know the precise limits of its territory.

La définition provient de Wikipedia, summarized and supplemented by Sira67.

crossbow arrow :

Arrow that is used with a crossbow.

La définition provient de birko.

quiver :

case used for storing arrows

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

violete carot from greece :

a carrot is a root, there are several varieties. Violete the carrot has even Violete couleure if the greater part of the time the carrot is orange. Violete the core vien greece greece

dull yellow carrot from Doubs :

These cores of uncommon color atop rounded come from a small town in France by crossing the river of the same name, Doubs. This vegetable is a bit sweeter than the original, but does not affect the pleasure of putting his tooth.

La définition provient de Askorn.

carrot rattle, paris market :

A carrot bells is an object that can be given to babies so he has fun, the object is shaped carrot but has grolots on the tip. It is sold in all markets.

La définition provient de Hugob.

White carrot Kuttingen :

Her skin is white, his flesh is fine and tasty. It has a great vigor and rapid growth. This very old variety is originally from Switzerland.

La définition provient de website :

carot :

One of the less common vegetables and harder to grow all over the island ... no one really knows why. The fact that his taste is not unique can be for something: why bother to cultivate something that few people appreciate? Finally, do not expect either to make a fortune in the culture of carrots ...

La définition provient de Aerindur.

carnivorous :

that feeds on fresh meat

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

charisma :

importance given by divine grace. A charismatic person is recognized by all and considered as important.

La définition provient de Specific to the Magdales game dictionnary.

silver cardon from Plainpalais :

Vegetable whose ancestor is the wild thistle. Known by the Greeks and Romans, its taste resembles that of artichoke. Today, this species is grown only in Geneva, Switzerland. Suffice to say that if you are on the menu card of a tavern Magdales, the dish will be very expensive ...

La définition provient de Sira67.

Elven carquoi 150. :

It can store a large number of arrows without feeling the weight.

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

tuberous nasturtium :

Tuberous nasturtium (Tropaeolum tuòerosum L.) provides a nice starch, abundant and eatable.

La définition provient de

canon voordoloof :

Un puisant canon très utilisé par les vordollof.

La définition provient de max2003.

sugar cane :

Sugarcane is a collection of plant species of the family Poaceae and the genus Saccharum. It is grown for its stalks, which are extracted from sugar. With an annual volume of more than 1.3 billion tonnes [1] production is the first plant grown worldwide with nearly 23% of the total mass produced in agriculture worldwide. It was until the early nineteenth century the only significant source of sugar and is still currently 65 to 70% of sugar production. [2]

La définition provient de Wikipedia.

fishing-rod :

This is a flexible pole (wood or composite material) after which the line attachment (usually nylon). At the end of this line, three to four meters long, is a hook. A fishing rod does not need to be very sophisticated to catch fish. The choice of bait and fishing techniques are crucial for their success to good fishing.

La définition provient de diverses sources.

camellia :

Camellia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Theaceae, native to eastern and southern Asia from the eastern Himalayas to Japan and Indonesia. The number of species contained in the genus differs according to botanists, and varies between 100 to 250 species.

La définition provient de

coif :

out of time (since it appears after the XIXth century ...) the cap is a cloth piece that is worn on the head. It is not protecting from bad weather, it serves to distinguish certain kinds of people. <br> The cap is only figurative and do not offer protection against an axe.

La définition provient de Magdaletian Nomenclature.

hood mesh :

The hood mesh protects both the head and neck. This utensil was placed under a plate armor (knight) or worn as is (archer). It provides relatively good protection against arrows and can be removed and put very quickly. The iron mesh remains a luxury that can not afford all adventurers magdaletienne time. <br> The hood provides comprehensive coverage for 4.

La définition provient de Magdaletian Nomenclature..

coffee tree :

Coffee (Coffea L.) is a genus of plants of the Rubiaceae family, which includes more than 80 species of trees and shrubs native to the tropical regions of Africa and Asia. Some of these species are grown for their seed after giving roasting coffee, a drink now universally used.

La définition provient de

shopping bag :

Large soft bag worn on the arm

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

golden coast celery :

This celery or "ache Swamp" has provided over time, a very special golden color on the edge of its long leaves. Eaten as a vegetable in its entirety, we made ??excellent soup to warm the body in winter. In the wild, it grows only along streams and in moist places.

La définition provient de Askorn.

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